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Traffic Laws and Red Light Runners

I believe most everyone would agree that drivers who don’t obey traffic laws, especially those who continually run red lights, make getting around the city very frustrating for the rest of us. We have studied this situation and have taken 2 immediate steps to lessen this problem.

First we have increased the number of police officers, particularly motorcycle officers, who patrol our intersections. They can’t be everywhere, but a higher visibility has helped.

Secondly, we put up bright red signs at our major intersections that remind drivers that the fine for a red light violation is $271. This has also helped; however the problem is still more severe than it should be.

The third option is a worst case solution that few of us want to implement, but it remains a possibility. Red light cameras have been used in several cities in California and usually are successful in reversing the trend. They are not without their problems. One is cost. Many people believe that we would catch many people and collect $271 from each. The truth is that all of that money goes to the state and not a penny would stay in Temecula. There is also a cost to the city for every violation that is processed and the initial costs of the cameras are high. In addition there have been a few legal challenges to the process that need to be sorted out.

Some people have told me that they object to the cameras because of privacy issues. I disagree. Red light runners are breaking the law. Reducing this type of behavior and the resultant benefit to public safety is a far higher priority. If you have a problem being photographed in your car, DON"T BREAK THE LAW!

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